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Marketing executives recognize the value of endorsements in sports and entertainment as an effective practice to reach a wide and diverse group of consumers. Companies seek athletes whose image reflects their corporate brand. Fifty One Sports can bridge the gap between a company's desire to make the most of limited marketing and advertising budgets, while strategically managing an athlete’s endorsement portfolio to forge a financially viable brand.


Fifty One Sports can assist clients in optimizing the use of social media to more effectively communicate with fans, showcase their passion for “the game”, promote a personal cause, and increase the value of sponsorship and endorsements opportunities. At the same time Fifty One Sports can work with clients to ensure compliance with restrictive or prohibitive team/league social media policies, and avoid potential misuse which can just as quickly diminish the value of a professional athlete’s brand.


Negotiating an athlete’s contractual obligations extends well beyond the popular catch-phrase “Show me the money.” Fifty One Sports recognizes the importance of the athlete's priorities, market potential, non-monetary factors, and respectful communication with team/league executives. Fifty One Sports strives to maximize total compensation, meet our clients' goals, and fulfill our obligations in a quality way.

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